Supporting Children

Preventative Practice

THRIVE believes preventative practice is key to healthy living. Having routine emotional well visits at THRIVE allows a specialist to connect with the child and evaluate their mental health. These well check-ins help the child develop skills necessary to navigate their world and provide support at the early signs of stress. Children go to a pediatrician for well visits routinely through out their childhood to assure the child is meeting developmental milestones and catches any issues early. The same approach to mental health is key to healthy living.

Stress Management

Children can also come to therapy to manage stress. They may be struggling at school, having difficulty establishing positive relationships with peers, or they may have seen or experienced something scary or traumatizing. Children also benefit from therapy if they have been through, or are going through, a particularly difficult transition, such as a divorce or another change in family structure, adjusting to a new community after having moved, or starting a new school.