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Preventative Care

This service is for the child, pre-teen, or teen who needs a quick, proactive check-in to identify goals and possible solutions about everyday social situations, school stressors, or homework/class management. Connecting with a specialist at this stage helps stave off crisis by preventing issues from becoming too overwhelming. Check-ins promote healthy communication and coping skills, strengthens self-esteem, and promotes momentum for positive behavior change.

Individual or Group

You can choose to meet individually or in a small group to discuss a particular situation where you are looking for guidance. An individual session with a specialist allows time to work through how you want to handle a specific challenge. Group sessions are a time to meet with people who are going through a similar experience where you will listen to and share ways to handle a specific issue. In both settings while you meet you will be engaged in an activity such as creating art, hiking, or even baking. Connect + Check sessions are different from individual or group therapy in that they are a quick check-in. They are scheduled on an as needed basis as opposed to a consistent scheduled time. Get a quick tune up with a Connect + Check to help you THRIVE.


Activity Based Connection

Craft and Chat
Hike it Out
Game On
Food for Thought
Constructing Meaning