Supporting Parents

Asking for help is the first step in the right direction.

Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Often, parents struggle with identifying and responding to their child's needs. This can be influenced by their own experiences as a child, past trauma, or current stressors. Parents may come with particular concerns regarding difficult and oppositional behaviors or a general desire to learn more effective parenting skills. In parental guidance sessions, parents learn effective behavioral strategies and ways of implementing these strategies that will result in more lasting change. We assist parents in developing strategies and discovering tools to address challenging behaviors all while prioritizing their connection and attunement with their child. When children feel safe, secure, and supported they not only become better equipped to face adversities and overcome obstacles, they THRIVE - and their parents do too!

A preventative approach arms you with tools you can use later.

There doesn't have to be a crisis to come in for parenting support. Children do not come with manuals, making parenting on-the-job training. A specialist's guidance can help you define your role. We teach you techniques and skills needed to become an effective parent. Come to THRIVE and learn how to build a strong emotional relationship with your child. Understand how to guide their development, behaviors, and emotions as they grow. It is not just your child who will benefit; you will discover that parenting can be a pleasure.

parent coaching

Short-term coaching to support and enhance your ability to effectively and confidently parent your child or adolescent. Topics may include how to effectively set and keep limits, helping your child to successfully manage strong emotions, managing difficult behaviors at home and at school, an out-of-sync parenting style with your partner, dealing with screen time, helping your child’s anxious behavior, potty training, sleep issues, and more.

ongoing guidance

Addresses specific issues or behaviors your family is struggling with, including an out-of-sync parenting style between parents, transition through separation and divorce, family communication, addressing or changing family rules and expectations, navigating new stages of development, discipline, and more.