Supporting Teens

“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

The teenage years can be a period of disorientation and discovery, when important issues of independence and identity begin to surface. Many teens display a dramatic change in behavior with the onset of adolescence. They are beginning to separate from their parents and become more independent. This is also the time when they are becoming increasingly aware of how others, particularly their peers, see them and are trying to fit in. Friends become more important than their parents when making decisions. They often try different looks and identities and become cognizant of how they differ from their peers, which can cause episodes of distress and conflict with parents. Having your teen connect with a specialist at THRIVE provides an opportunity to work though the growing pains of adolescence.

At THRIVE we work on prevention practices. There doesn't have to be something wrong to book a session. From the day they are born, children are brought to their pediatrician's office for well checks where the health care provider checks the child's growth and development in order to find or prevent problems. Catching issues early, as well as providing tools to cope with anticipatory problems can help make the teen years more enjoyable.

In some cases the issues teens go through become unmanageable and they need help coping. At times, you just feel like you don’t know your child anymore and wonder if they are struggling with something. When you see changes in your teen's behavior that is affecting their ability to perform well in school, function normally in the family or make appropriate, healthy decisions, it is wise for them to connect with a specialist who can help them understand and manage their emotions. It's not enough just to survive life; the goal is to THRIVE!